ODBC and SQL configuration under Windows

Using ODBC and SQL with Windows

If you are using Windows and would like to use a Microsoft SQL server, follow these setup steps:

Go to Control Panels -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC).

Click the System DSN tab:

Click the "Add..." button.

Choose your ODBC driver, e.g., choose "SQL Server" to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Click Finish.

Choose a name for the DSN in the Name field, e.g. "sawmill"

Choose a description for the DNS in the Description field, e.g., "My DSN for connecting to MS SQL with Sawmill"

Select the SQL server from the Server menu, or enter the hostname.

Click Next:

Choose your authentication type. If you're not sure which type to use, talk to your database administrator. If the server allows access by Login ID and password, you can check the "With SQL Server authentication using login ID and password entered by the user" box, and then enter your SQL Server username and password in the fields below. If no special username has been set up, you may be able to use the standard "sa" username, with whatever password has been configured in the server:

Click through the remaining pages, leaving all options at default values.

Once this is done, you can enter "sawmill" as the DSN name in the Create Profile Wizard of Sawmill, and it should connect to your SQL Server: