Backup Your Database

We strongly recommend that if you build larger datasets that you create a backup plan for your Sawmill databases. Having a backup of your database will save you many hours (or even days) of reprocessing logs and rebuilding your database in the event of a database corruption or catastrophic failure. Though database corruptions or failures are infrequent, they can happen, and if these types of situations do occur you’ll be glad you had a backup of your Sawmill databases so that you can be back up and running quickly.

The Sawmill internal database is a flat file database and can be backed up by most any commonly available backup software. It’s important that you schedule backups when the Sawmill database is not actively updating. If you use an external database like MySQL, Oracle, or MS SQL check with your Database Administrator about what options exist for backing up or restoring your Sawmill database.

Both the Sawmill internal database, and external databases created by Sawmill can also be exported to plain text files manually, and then compressed, and later decompressed and reloaded manually if no better backup facility is available.