Database Detail

When you first create a profile, Sawmill will ask you what kind of information you want to track in your profile. The values you choose determine what your initial profile settings are, including the database cross-references and the available views.

The options available depend in your log format, but may include some of the following:

In addition, there will be a checkbox for each available numerical field in the log data. Checking one of these boxes will add another field to the database, providing information about that numerical field, and will add that numerical field to every report. This will slightly increase the size of the database for most fields, but tracking a "unique" field like visitors may be much more expensive. Turning on unique host (visitor) tracking will result in the visitor id information being tracked for all database items, which will significantly slow log processing and increase database size, but it is necessary if you need visitor information. For web and web proxy logs, you can greatly increase processing speed (as much as four times) by checking only the "page views" box (and not track hits or bandwidth).