Disable Antivirus Active Scanning

Disable antivirus active scanning of the Sawmill installation directory.

Active-scanning antivirus software (and automatic disk defragmentation software, or indexing software), which runs continually and monitors all files on the disk, can interfere with Sawmill's operation. This software may also incorrectly conclude that Sawmill's database files contain viruses (they don't), causing it to modify or delete the files, resulting in database corruption. This can cause log processing, database building and report generations to fail. This type of software also considerably slows Sawmill processing and reporting down, in very extreme cases, making it as much as 20 times slower.

So, you must disable scanning of the directory where Sawmill is installed, or Sawmill databases are located in order for Sawmill to operate properly. It is not necessary to disable the active- scanning software entirely; just configure active scanning so it excludes the Sawmill installation directory and subdirectories and files. Most antivirus products can be configured to exclude scanning of certain directories.