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Sawmill is a powerful hierarchical log analysis tool that runs on every major platform.

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Sawmill is licensed per-profile; a profile is a single analysis profile (see Pricing).

Which tier of Sawmill do you want?
Total number of profiles you need:
Are you upgrading a pre-8.8 license to version 8.8 or enhancing an existing licensed installation?
Enhancing refers to adding profiles or upgrading the tier, for example changing a 5 profile Lite license to a 10 profile Professional license. You may also change the tier and number of profiles when upgrading. A pre-8.8 license cannot be enhanced unless it is upgraded to version 8.8.
No, this is a new installation.
Upgrading to version 8.8
Enhancing an existing license.
Enter your Sawmill license key:
Discount code (if any)*:
Do you want to include Basic or Premium Support? (Buy Support for an existing license below.)
Premium Support includes major upgrade protection. See our Support Programs page for details.
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Purchase or Renew Support Programs

See our Support Programs page for a description of Premium and Basic Support. For a complete description of Premium Support, see the Sawmill Premium Support Program documentation.

If you have multiple licenses or if you have not upgraded to Sawmill 8, please contact to order Support. You can see your license keys by clicking Licensing in the Administrative Menu of your existing installation.

Enter your Sawmill license key:
Select Basic or Premium
Discount code (if any)*:

* Discount codes available:

    EDU: if the license will be used by an educational institution (20% discount).
    NP: if the license will be used by a non-profit organization (20% discount).
    GOV: if the license will be used by a government agency (20% discount).

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