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Sawmill has plug-ins to support the following log formats:


Sawmill is a Dovecot Secure IMAP server log analyzer (it also supports the 1021 other log formats listed to the left). It can process log files in Dovecot Secure IMAP server format, and generate dynamic statistics from them, analyzing and reporting events. Sawmill can parse Dovecot Secure IMAP server logs, import them into a MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle database (or its own built-in database), aggregate them, and generate dynamically filtered reports, all through a web interface. Sawmill can perform Dovecot Secure IMAP server log analysis on any platform, including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS, Solaris, other UNIX, and others.

Sawmill stores the following non-numerical fields in its database for Dovecot Secure IMAP server, generates reports for each field, and allows dynamic filtering on any combination of these fields:

Field  Internal Name
   day of week  day_of_week
   hour of day  hour_of_day
   log level  log_level
   error message  error_message
   protocol  protocol
   operation  operation
   user  user
   method  method
   remote IP  rip
   local IP  lip
   status  status
   TOP  top
   RETR  retrieve
   DELE  del

Sawmill stores the following numerical fields in its database for Dovecot Secure IMAP server, aggregating them and including them as columns in most reports:

Numerical Field  Internal Name
   events  events
   size  size

See Sawmill Features to learn more about Sawmill's options for viewing, customizing, filtering, exporting and scheduling Dovecot Secure IMAP server reports.

Sawmill also supports 1021 other log formats.

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