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Sawmill is a powerful hierarchical log analysis tool that runs on every major platform.


Sawmill's interface is in English by default, but other languages are supported through the use of "language modules," which are text files that contain variable names and values, used to generate all language-specific text in the interface. All aspects of Sawmill can be translated using this mechanism — see Language Modules in the documentation for more information.

Sawmill currently supports these languages:

  • Czech
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish

As well as those included in the Sawmill download above, a Japanese version of Sawmill is available from Jupiter Technology.

The language modules are divided by purpose and are located in LogAnalysisInfo/language/english:

  • lang_stats.cfg - module for the report interface
  • lang_admin.cfg - modules for the administrative interface
  • lang_messages.cfg - module for all system messages
  • lang_options.cfg - module for the configuration options available, global and profile options

There are also the main documentation modules located in LogAnalysisInfo/docs/english:

  • faq - module for the FAQ documentation
  • technical_manual - module for the main Technical Manual documentation
  • user_guide - module for the main User Guide documentation

Also in this folder are some supporting files.

In order to have your reports in a language, all you need is the lang_stats.cfg module translated to that language.

If you create a new language module, or improve an existing one, please send the result to so we can include it on this page. We provide store credit for translations, contact us for more information.

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