The Report Table

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The Report Table

The Report Table contains the main information of the report. It displays one row per item, with the aggregated numerical values (e.g. sum of hits/page views etc) in columns next to it.

An example of the Web Browsers table is shown below.

In some tables there are URL's (see the Referrers table for an example) and if these URL's are full (i.e. they contain the whole address like this - '') each line can be clicked to veiew the site. Clicking the link will launch a new browser window, or new tab if you are using tabbed browsing, with that URL.

Just above the table is a bar that contains several different controls:

  • The Row Numbers detail (selected by default) can be used to change the starting row and the number of rows that are displayed in the table. There are also "paging" buttons that allow you to "page" through tables with multiple entries.
  • The Export link can be used to export data from the table.
  • The Customize link can be used to change which columns are visible, the sort order, and other aspects of the report. (NOTE: The Sort Order of any table can also be changed by clicking a the arrow next to the column name; click once to sort that column, or again to sort in reverse.

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