The Session Views

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The Session Overview report is a summary of the main session views.

  • Session Paths:Shows all the sessions, and the pages they hit, in a single expandable view. Click the plus box and the list will show that the session started at a page, then where the visitors went from there.
  • Paths through a Page:Lets you enter a single page on your site and see those pages that were visited prior to hitting that page, and those visited after. You can also lookup pages from your site. This gives you all routes to and from a given point in your site.
  • Entry and Exit pages: These are the first and last pages of every session.
  • Session Pages: These are every occurrence of each page in any session. They are calculated by tracking how long it was from the hit on one page to the hit on the next page in that session and tabulating the results for all pages giving the time spent per page. Exit pages are considered to have zero time spent per page.
  • Session Users: This lists all the users on your site and the number and duration of their visits.
  • Individual Sessions: This lists all the sessions on your site, by session ID, session user, events and beginning and ending dates and times.

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