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Jul-31-07, 03:17 PM (PDT)
"Timeout while waiting for IPC file"

I have recently rebuilt a database in a profile and now when I try to generate a report on any profile I get this error:

Error while waiting for response from handler process: "Timeout while waiting for IPC file to appear (Task-31820-ResultWritten)".

I am running Sawmill Professional version 7.2.8 on Red Hat 4.

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Aug-01-07, 10:05 AM (PDT)
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1. "RE: Timeout while waiting for IPC file"
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Best idea here is to upgrade to Sawmill 7.2.9. Once you do this you'll find a parameter that can be changed in the preferences.cfg file located in the Sawmill install folder LogAnalysisInfo.

ipc_timeout = "60"

This value is in seconds. You can change it to a larger value to see if this helps.

ipc_timeout = "120"

as an example.

Sawmill Product Support Team

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