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Analyze, Monitor, Alert

Analyze, monitor and alert a wide range of systems. Sawmill provides extensive log processing and reporting features to get the best possible insight into your network data.



Throughout your network you need to know what is happening; you need precise analysis to make the right decisions that affect the growth and security of your business. Whatever you need to track, Sawmill provides the right solution at the right price. Sawmill's easy scalability and universal support helps you make better use of your data, with one application.

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Information about Sawmill and Heartbleed

Sawmill uses OpenSSL to implement its HTTPS and SFTP features. The recently-discovered "Heartbleed" vulnerability in OpenSSL can affect Sawmill, and can potentially reveal passwords and other sensitive information to snoopers on the network.

On Windows, Sawmill installs its own local copy of the OpenSSL DLLs in its own installation directory, and the installed version is not vulnerable. So on Windows, Sawmill is not affected by Heartbleed.

On other platforms, Sawmill links dynamically to the OpenSSL libraries present on the operating system. If the version there is vulnerable (see the link above), Sawmill will be vulnerable. Upgrade your OpenSSL components to non-vulnerable versions (1.0.1g), to eliminate this possibility. See for more information.

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