The Administrative Menu

The Administrative Menu is the first area that appears after you log into Sawmill. It provides all of the administrative functions. Under every menu heading, there is a Save Changes button, and you will also be reminded to save when you scroll between the different menus.


This is the first menu item that is opened, and if you are launching Sawmill for the first time, you will create a new profile here. If you have created profiles, you will see your list, with options to View Reports using that profile and View Config, where you can edit the profile information. There are three other icons: the pencil icon, will allow you to rename your profile, the paper icon allows you to duplicate it and the red X allows you to delete the profile.


Clicking this link will show the Scheduler (see Using the Sawmill Scheduler). You can create, delete, and edit scheduled tasks in this section. For instance, you can create a task to update all your databases every night, or to send a report of the previous month by email on the 1st of each month.


Clicking this link will show the User Editor. In this page, you can add and remove users, and change the options for each user; e.g. you can specify which users have administrative access, and which profiles they are permitted to view.


Within the Roles section, you can create roles independent of users. Each role is assigned what they can or can't do in the areas of Admin, Reports and Config. You can set up different roles, depending on the types of users you will have. Some users can only access and view reports, other users will be able to edit, add or delete certain functions. This area gives you the greatest control over your users. Once you set up roles, then you can assign specific users to those roles.


Clicking this link will show the Preferences editor. This lets you change global preferences, including server IP and port, language, charset, and more.


In the Task area, you can see what tasks are being performed and also view the task log. This will let you know when the last build was performed and other activities that may have been scheduled throughout the day.


Clicking this link will show the licensing page. In this page, you can add and remove licenses, or change licensing from Professional to Enterprise (if you're using a Trial license).


The Import function is where you would import your older Sawmill data, if you have upgraded from an older version, this is where you should start.


The account information shown here is about your settings. This is also where the root adminstrator settings, with the username, password and language to be used in Sawmill are set.


This is used to clear browser caches and update Sawmill web files.