Sawmill was created by Flowerfire, Inc.

Original inspiration for Sawmill came from Kuck & Associates, Inc, and from Seized by the Tale, two sites which needed such a tool.

Thanks to the makers of gd, an excellent GIF creation library which is used to create all images displayed by Sawmill, including the pie charts, line graphs, table bars, legend boxes, and icons. gd was written by Thomas Boutell and is currently distributed by, Inc. gd 1.2 is copyright 1994, 1995, Quest Protein Database Center, Cold Spring Harbor Labs.

Thanks to the makers of zlib, which Sawmill uses to process gzip and ZIP log data.

Thanks to Ken Brownfield for his long-term and continues system administration support.

Thanks to Jason Simpson, Ken Brownfield, and Wayne Schroll for important feedback on the 1.0 alpha versions.

Thanks to Stephen Turner for his experienced input on the early 1.0 versions.

Thanks to the 1.0 beta testers for help on the beta versions, especially to Gary Parker, Glenn Little, and Phil Abercrombie.

Thanks to the 2.0 beta testers for help on the beta versions, especially to Gary Parker, Vincent Nonnenmach, and Glenn Little.

Thanks to all the 3.0 beta testers, especially Vincent Nonnenmach.

Thanks to all the 4.0 beta testers, especially (yet again) Vincent Nonnenmach, and many others.

Thanks to all the 5.0 beta testers, especially Fred Hicinbothem, Yuichiro Sugiura, and Peter Strunk.

Thanks to all the 6.0 beta testers, especially Ed Kellerman, Noah Webster, Johnny Gisler, Morgan Small, Charlie Reitsma, James K. Hardy, Alexander Chang, Richard Keller, Glenn Little, Eric Luhrs, and Yann Debonne.

Thanks to all the 7.0 beta testers, too numerous to name here.

Sawmill 8.0 used a new quality paradigm for software testing: a collaboration between Flowerfire and Softworker, a software consulting firm for quality assurance and project management. Strict controls were put into place to assure features were completed and technically correct, Flowerfire's development tracking system was improved to allow superior communications between team members and real-time data on the state of the product to be widely disseminated among need-to-know engineers and managers. The automated build system was improved with a grammatical analysis of its syntax and semantics, allowing the cross multiple-platforms consistent builds, as well as other modern software quality testing techniques.

Sawmill is a much better product thanks to the help of these and other beta testers.