Creating and Editing Profiles by Hand

If you use Sawmill to manage a large number of profiles, you may find the CGI interview process inadequate to your needs. For instance, you may want to be able to create multiple profiles from the command line with a single command, without having to run a web browser or manually enter the information. In cases like these, you can create profiles "by hand," by creating your own profile files.

Several other documentation sections discuss the use of profile files; see Configuration Files, Configuration Options, and Power User Techniques. In general, you will want to create profiles using a text file editor or a script, and use them from the command line with the Profile to use option.

It's often most convenient to create a "template" profile using the web browser interface. That profile can then be duplicated and modified manually when a new, similar one is needed.

Profile files must be in the "profiles" subdirectory of the LogAnalysisInfo directory.

When running from the command line, you will usually want to choose which action Sawmill should perform with the Action command.