Supported Log Formats

Sawmill supports many different log formats using an extensible plug-in architecture. This version of Sawmill supports the following formats. Click a category below to jump to that format category.

Web Server
Proxy Server
Mail Server
Media Server
FTP Server
Network Device
Internet Device
Syslog Server

Web Server Uncategorized Syslog Server Proxy Server Other Network Device Media Server Mail Server Internet Device FTP Server Firewall Application

Sawmill automatically detects all of these formats, and arranges your profile options intelligently based on your log format. If your format is not supported, we can created it for a fee. If you're interested in having us create the plug-in, please send a sample of your log data (1 Meg is ideal, but anything more than ten lines will do) to and we will send a quote. Alternately, you can create your own plug-in; see Creating Log Format Plug-ins (Custom Log Formats).