Login Plug-ins

Sawmill authenticates users by username and password, when they log into the web interface, and can also associate specific roles and privileges with each user. This can be managed within Sawmill, using the Users section of the administrative interface, but for larger environments it can be useful for Sawmill's authentication to be handled through an external authentication system like LDAP or Active Directory. Login plug-ins provide a way to do this.

Login plug-ins are CFG files in the login_plugins directory of the LogAnalysisInfo directory. Each contains a section of Salang code which verifies that the username and password are correct, and sets up roles or other attributes of the user or the installation based on the user logging in. The most frequently used login plug-in is ldap.cfg, which implements LDAP or Active Directory authentication, using the options specified in the Preferences. ldap.cfg is installed by default in the login_plugins directory, but is disabled by default, and must be enabled in the Preferences.

To install another login plug-in, put it in the login_plugins directory, and the go to Preferences -> Security to enabled it.