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Sawmill is a powerful hierarchical log analysis tool that runs on every major platform.

Sawmill supports the following 1022 log formats. That is, Sawmill analyzes and creates reports from the logs for the following devices and applications. If you want to analyze a log in a different format, Sawmill also lets you specify a custom log format. If your log is generated by publicly-available software, we'll do this for you — just email a sample of your log file to, and we'll write you a log format descriptor that you can plug right in to your copy of Sawmill. (See Notes below.)

We're continually adding new log formats, so this list will keep growing.



  • Different versions of the supported devices and applications may have different log formats. A device may also have various logging options which produce log formats which are very different or slightly different from each other. Because of this, inclusion of a product's name on this list is not a guarantee that we support the exact format of your logs. We add support for new variants and versions of existing formats just as we add support for log formats that are completely new to us.

  • It is our policy to implement basic plug-in customizations for free within a few weeks. More complex formats and more complex requirements may involve a professional services charge.

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