Sawmill is a Eutron Planet-Share InterFax log analyzer (it also supports the 1004 other log formats listed to the left). It can process log files in Eutron Planet-Share InterFax format, and generate dynamic statistics from them, analyzing and reporting events. Sawmill can parse Eutron Planet-Share InterFax logs, import them into a MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle database (or its own built-in database), aggregate them, and generate dynamically filtered reports, all through a web interface. Sawmill can perform Eutron Planet-Share InterFax log analysis on any platform, including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS, Solaris, other UNIX, and others.

Sawmill stores the following non-numerical fields in its database for Eutron Planet-Share InterFax, generates reports for each field, and allows dynamic filtering on any combination of these fields:

Field  Internal Name
   date/time  date_time
   day of week  day_of_week
   hour of day  hour_of_day
   type  type
   protocol  protocol
   server  server
   operation  operation
   user  user
   page  page
   file type  file_type
   screen dimensions  screen_dimensions
   screen depth  screen_depth
   port  port
   parameter  parameter

Sawmill stores the following numerical fields in its database for Eutron Planet-Share InterFax, aggregating them and including them as columns in most reports:

Numerical Field  Internal Name
   hits  hits
   page views  page_views

See Sawmill Features to learn more about Sawmill's options for viewing, customizing, filtering, exporting and scheduling Eutron Planet-Share InterFax reports.

Sawmill also supports 1004 other log formats.